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Read what some of our clients say about their experience with Indigo Body Balance.

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“Working in the spa industry for over ten years I have had many massages, from the best of the best. Simply put, Angelica is "top notch". As long as I have known her, she has been committed to uplifting her clients through her massage and energy work while delivering the most luxurious and de-stressing experience possible. Her passion for harnessing and utilizing the power of energy to create healing on a profound level has given her massages a whole different level of awesomeness. Sensitive to energy work, I can always feel the healing intention in her hands. I leave feeling completely restored and lighter from head to toe. Her massage essentially whisks away old stagnant energy and leaves you in an utter place of balance and restoration. A delicious experience that I highly recommend.”

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“I met Angelica at ONA SPA, in west Hollywood, as was a manager and ran the front of house. She was the most requested therapist, and in very high demand. Her body work is like non-other. I have to say 'hands down' the best massage/body work I have ever had, and I have done A LOT of massages in my life. The last cranial session I had with her, I left like my whole life had been transformed. I called her and asked 'what did you do to me? I have never felt better in my life.' I had an experience of pure bliss and happiness, that's the only way I can explain it without sounding too woo woo. I recommend all my clients to her, and I myself will never go to anyone but her, honestly, NO ONE compares to Angelica.”

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“I have known Angelica for over 10 years now. I have tried other massage therapists but keep coming back for her rock solid, dependable services. I am tied to a computer and a desk most days at work and my favorite recreation is playing ice hockey (goalie) so my back has a tendency to get sore every once and a while. When it does, Angelica spends about 50 minutes on my back alone and works wonders! When you first meet her, you might think "hmmm, she is pretty petite, will she be strong enough?". After 10 minutes, you will forget you ever asked that question, I guarantee. When she is done, I leave totally relaxed, stress free, and energized. I highly recommend Angelica!!!”

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“I was first introduced to Angelica and Reconnective Healing when she gave me a sample session at a friend’s party. I could literally feel the energy shifting and moving through my body and consciousness and was so blown away by the power of the session that I immediately booked further sessions. Angelica is a natural healer and her practice of Reconnective Healing seems to be her calling. After every session I felt a deep sense of energized calm and my eyes literally glowed as if a light from within had been stoked. Even months later I can feel the benefits of the work- I feel more intuitive, relaxed and connected to the universe. I thankfully have no physical ailments that needed to be healed but I would highly recommend these sessions for anyone who wants to get more 'plugged in'.”



“Angelica is a massage therapist to the stars; biggest names in Hollywood, and there's a reason for that. She's simply the best. I've been going to her for some time now and now that she's set up her own shop have followed her over. Her precision, strength, feel and intuitiveness cured me of wasting my time with the $60. an hour massage joints; which I came to realize was a total waste of time and money when compared with the real deal. For deep tissue work she uses Maori and Thai and other techniques with like all of her body: feet, knees, etc., and, after a lifetime of massages hers have been by far the most relaxing and effective. This new space is classy, quiet and soothing and I felt instantly at home within a couple minutes of walking in. The massage rooms are nicely appointed, the music is perfect and her cool down area is exactly what it sounds like. Angelica's place, like her skills, is a class act. I rarely write reviews but I owe it to my fellow humans to give y'all an educated dose of praise about Angelica and her new joint.”

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