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About Angelica

Learn about the licensed massage therapist behind Indigo Body Balance.

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Meet Angelica Sepulveda

Angelica Sepulveda - Licensed Massage Therapist

What is Indigo Body Balance?

I have been doing body work since 1994. In 2007 I was very inspired by my very first transformational bodywork session by the Maori Healers from New Zealand. The session was very painful. They had me screaming almost in tears but they told me I was releasing things that didn’t belong to me, but to my ancestors, as things are passed down through our DNA. I was happy to go through the pain if necessary to release anything that did not belong to me and be free of that “pain”. After the session I remember letting out tears of "deep emotional release", and shortly after I felt a deep sense of peace.

I was in silence for three days, just processing the experience. It was as if I was somehow rewired and my body was adjusting to the new open space within me and I was in awe just basking in the "beingness" of this new peaceful state. I don’t think I have ever felt so calm and relaxed, it was as if I was "sedated" and it was simply beautiful to experience. I was in awe at the afterglow. I continued to see the Maori healers every opportunity I had when they came to Los Angeles, once or twice a year (I always recommend them to my friends and clients). My sessions following that were not as intense, but there was always something, even if it was subtle, it was still profound.

After having such a powerful experience, I learned how bodywork can really affect and change someone’s life. I knew this at a mental level, but now I knew it at a deep cellular level, deep within myself. And from then on, my work changed, by incorporating a deeper energetic awareness and that is when I pursued other forms of energy work.

Most physical problems often begin in the mind or the energetic bodies and then eventually manifest in physical form. This is fascinating to me so in order to truly heal or transform one has to be in touch with the energetic realm of the body. I eventually studied Reiki, Reconnective Healing, Universal White Time Healing and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Throughout this journey I discovered I had the ability to shift another person’s energy as well as balance the flow of energy. I do this by using cranial- sacral unwinding, Reiki and Thai chi movements while I'm working. My clients were having positive responses and I eventually merged the energy aspect into my bodywork. I now incorporate some energy work and Cranial Sacral into my sessions.

What is Indigo Body Balance? It’s conscious bodywork incorporating the best of two worlds, the energetic full of infinite possibilities, and the tangible muscular system. By conscious I mean working with the awareness of my clients as a whole being, and I work with INTENTION. Every stroke is intentional and I am present with what is happening to your body, listening, observing, and supporting you.

The chakra center above the head is the color Indigo Blue. INDIGO is the space of unity, of oneness, where one opens and connects to larger dimensions. I’m in the space of Indigo when I work, and this not only keeps me grounded, but it allows me to be in the best place possible in order to allow the best outcome for my clients, while aspiring to bring their bodies to a state of balance and well-being.

I see each individual as a precious sacred being and it’s an honor and a privilege to provide unique healing bodywork sessions to all who land on my table.

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